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<strong>Project PNRR – GRINS – Growing Resilient, INclusive and Sustainable (Partenariati estesi)</strong>


Project PNRR – GRINS – Growing Resilient, INclusive and Sustainable (Partenariati estesi)

Funding agency: Next Generation EU program (National Recovery and Resilience Plan)

Principal investigators: Prof. Massimo Colombo (Politecnico di Milano)

Years: 2022-2024

Politecnico di Milano participates in the 3-year research project GRINS – Growing Resilient, INclusive and Sustainable – D43C22003110001, financed by the European Commission through the Next Generation EU program and coordinated by prof. Matteo Cervellati, University of Bologna. The research activity of BEF’s members is concentrated on the Sustainable Finance Spoke and aims at improving financial inclusion and funding to individuals and SMEs, by leveraging the complementarity among digital and traditional funding and lending channels. The project will: (i) define measures to foster the inclusiveness of capital markets on both the supply and the demand sides. (ii) favour the access to capital markets and sustainable finance by companies (with particular attention to SME and new green/young enterprises). (iii) develop the inclusiveness of digital finance, by providing financing opportunities to small investors. (iv) measure and control the risks of digital finance also by using artificial intelligence.