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Annalisa Croce

Annalisa Croce


Annalisa Croce (Ph.D) is a co-founder and director of Bureau of Entrepreneurial Finance. She is Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano  where she teaches Accounting and Business Organization at undergraduate level. She has served as Associate Editor of Journal of Small Business Management and she currently is a member of the Editorial Board of Venture Capital: An entrepreneurship Journal. She is Director of EMBA Part Time at MIP, Politecnico di Milano and Member of the Scientific Committee of the Observatory on Climate Finance. She has been visiting scholar at Boston College and visiting professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is a member of the European Science Foundation (ESF) College of Expert Reviewers and College of Review Panel. She has participated in numerous research projects, promoted by the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of Research (MIUR), and various private and public institutions. In particular, she participated to the FP7 VICO research project on “Financing entrepreneurial ventures in Europe: Impact on innovation, employment growth, and competitiveness” (Scientific coordinator: Prof. Massimo G. Colombo) and to the FP 7 RISIS project on “Research infrastructure for research and innovation policy studies”. Her research activity has concerned several major research areas, spanning topics that include corporate and entrepreneurial finance, social impact finance and economics of innovation. She has studied these topics mainly empirically, making use of a wide range of empirical methodologies. She is co-author of more than 30 publications in international scientific journals, including the Journal of Business Venturing, Research Policy, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Corporate Finance, Small Business Economics and Journal of Product Innovation Management among others.



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