Project “Finance disintermediation for climate change mitigation ”

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Project “Finance disintermediation for climate change mitigation ”

Funding agency: MIUR (The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research)

Principal investigator: Prof. Francesca Tenca (Università del Piemonte Orientale)

Lead investigators for local units: Prof. Vincenzo Butticè (Politecnico di Milano) and Prof. Francesca Di Pietro (University of Milan)

Years: 2023-2025

Amount: 268,000 Euros

This project is funded by MIUR under the PRIN program 2022 PNRR. The research project is coordinated by Università del Piemonte Orientale (National coordinator) and involves Politecnico di Milano and University of Milan as local units. The project aims at assessing whether and how disintermediated finance represents an effective financing mean for startups committed to climate change mitigation (i.e., climate startups). More in detail, the project’s long-term strategic objective is, by responding to the EU call on climate change mitigation and green transition (e.g., European Green Deal), to evaluate the impact of crowdfunding (CF) on climate startups’ performance and their access to different financial equity channels.