New paper by <b>Croce, Annalisa, Elisa Ughetto, Stefano Bonini, and Vincenzo Capizzi</b> just published on Journal of <b>Small Business Management</b>!


New paper by Croce, Annalisa, Elisa Ughetto, Stefano Bonini, and Vincenzo Capizzi just published on Journal of Small Business Management!

This study investigates whether the individual attributes and investment approaches of business angels (BAs) affect the growth of funded companies by distinguishing between two firm types: gazelles and ponies. We draw upon an original data set comprising 265 small Italian firms (49 that received BA financing and 216 in the propensity score matched control group). Building on insights drawn from the resource-based view and absorptive capacity theory, we find that BAs with entrepreneurial experience positively affect the sales growth of gazelles only. Moreover, the role of BAs’ investment experience and coaching in the growth rates of both gazelles and ponies is insignificant. Interestingly, monitoring helps boost ponies’ performance but stifles growth among gazelles.

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