New paper by <b>Butticè, Vincenzo, Annalisa Croce, and Elisa Ughetto</b> just published on <b>Journal of Corporate Finance</b>!


New paper by Butticè, Vincenzo, Annalisa Croce, and Elisa Ughetto just published on Journal of Corporate Finance!

Investors within a Business Angel (BA) group are embedded in a cohesive network of relationships that arises from past joint investments. In this paper, we have studied how the network position of a BA within this network affects the likelihood that a company will receive investments from the BA group. We have hypothesized a curvilinear, inverse U-shaped relationship between the centrality of the BA and the probability of a company being funded by the BA group. Moreover, we have explored how the experience of a BA and the geographical proximity between the BA and the company influence such a relationship.

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