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Bureau of Entrepreneurial Finance Launch event

About The Event

The launch event of the Bureau of Entrepreneurial Finance will take place in Politecnico di Milano and in the beautiful setting of Iseo Lake. The event will gather top scientists and professionals of the entrepreneurial finance community. Paper sessions will be organized in a two-day program. The keynote speakers of the conference will be Helmut Kraemer-Eis (European Investment Fund) and Sophie Manigart (Vlerick Business School). A round table will be organized involving stakeholders operating in the field of entrepreneurial finance: Antonella Grassigli (Doorway and Business Angel of the Year 2021), Angelo Coletta (InnovUp), Matteo Leonardi (Italian Angels for Growth), Cesare Maifredi (360 Capital), Matteo Masserdotti (Viceversa). Download the program here

You can access the video of the event at the following link:


Politecnico di Milano & Cocca Hotel (Sarnico, Iseo Lake)